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WAPilates Continuing Education Programs

WAPilates Teacher Training Programs are designed to take your teaching to another level. To allow you to go deeper with your knowledge and guide you in our same boutique way of teaching.  Unlike many workshops these are hands on learning, homework, and mentoring by Director Hilary Opheim.

 Taught by Hilary Opheim-Owner/Director WAPilates

Taught by Hilary Opheim-Owner/Director WAPilates


How to "modify" Traditional Pilates for your client using Precautions and Contraindications.


Traditional Pilates provides a full body workout to all clients. That said, some clients have health conditions that as a Teacher you need to navigate around.  There are some precautions and contraindications you need to be aware of and familiar with as a Teacher.

In this 4 hour workshop, participants will learn about these contraindications and learn how to break down or build the Traditional Pilates exercises to fit these clients needs and still challenge them and get them stronger. Learn and understand why you would omit certain exercises and how to assess for that client that day. Using all the apparatus as well as mat this workshop will give you the tools as well as give you the understanding to be confident and safe with clients. Includes manual and handouts.

Next workshop for this Sunday Feb 10th 9:00-1:00 at WAPilates

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Cost: $200

"The precautions and contraindications course at WAP is very informative.  The breakdown of each exercise and application of the movements to suit client requirements further reinforced my understanding of each exercise.  In addition to helping  me with client application it has also cemented my understanding of why we are doing what we’re doing.  Answered lots of my questions I didn’t know I had." Koren PMA-CPT

"The workshop was to say very informative. I that the worship had
Discussing and participating in various exercise from Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair. Everyone's opinion was heard and discussed ,along with personal experiences with clients . Hilary Opheim was very open listening to everyone. I enjoyed that we all were able to  get on the various equipment and experience it as our clients that had precautions and contraindications to feel the work.  I would very much recommended this workshop to all levels in Pilates" Georgia Brandon PMA-CPT


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 WAPilates Teacher Training Students get constant feedback and help outside of class hours.

WAPilates Teacher Training Students get constant feedback and help outside of class hours.

WAPilates Teacher Training Program Goal is...

To nurture and guide students in a supportive, safe and inspiring environment creating Pilates Instructors who are intuitive, passionate and committed to the Pilates Method.