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Kim Hamilton is a State Licensed and National Certified Massage Therapist and has now transitioned into Board Certification.
 " I was Nationally Certified when I decided to elevate myself to the next level. Wanting to further advance my career to highest level of standard and professionalism. I studieddifferent courses for two years to achieve this. To me it symbolizes commitment, dedication and expertise.
So now I am Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork."
Kim incorporates all her techniques into her massages. " I like to change my routines around to customize to each client’s needs."

Kim worked at a spa for 2 years and then came to us at Washington Ave Pilates to have her own space and create the perfect massage environment for her clients.

“One of the most important things I feel I have as a massage therapist is the ability to read and relate to all types of people. I also believe I have a gentle touch and empathy for my clients. One of the reasons I came to WAPilates is the great communication skills and friendly nature of all the team here as well as the clients. I believe that is reflected in my work ethic and an important part of the massage experience.”

“I would like to bring serenity to your life by giving you a wonderful massage that will relieve stress, aches, and pains. Most of all I would like to help you realize that you are worth it”