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WAPilates Mentorship Program is open to all professional Pilates instructors to mentor with Hilary Opheim.  Hilary has been teaching Pilates for over 25 years and is the Director of the Teacher Training Program at WAPilates.

Hilary's unique style, attitude, and personality will take your teaching to a new level and new way of thinking in regard to your clientele and their goals and needs.

This program is a way to enhance your skills, teaching style, refresh and re-energize your teaching, deepening your knowledge in a personal one-on-one apprenticeship style environment. Go deeper into the Traditional Method and into each exercise to understand why, when or how to use with your clientele, to truly understand the work.  Program design for class or privates, maintaining clients and helping them grow in their practice, keeping your teaching fresh and interesting for you and your clients, understanding issues and physical limitations you may have with your clients, cueing, and postural analysis. You will get honest, constructive feedback to give your teaching the depth and skill you desire.

Continuing the Boutique style WAP Teacher Training format this is true Apprenticeship/Mentoring Programming. This program is a year long commitment in which time you will see a true shift in your teaching and how you approach your clients in terms of their needs and goals. A final written project as well as practical presentation will be given at the end of program. This will be discussed and planned by Apprentice and Hilary.

Program consist of : one- 3 hour meet/lecture/learn sessions every month, weekly homework projects, manual, handouts, discussion groups, quarterly observation time of your teaching guided by Hilary as well as one-on-one mentoring meetings. Participation in WAP's Pilates Has Heart, research of specific subject to be part of final projects that will be part of the written and practical presentation (example Parkinson's and Pilates).

This program can be scheduled anytime during the year. A customized program is set up for each individual instructor based off interview and application.                                     

To participate you must be a Certified Pilates Instructor or have graduated from a Pilates Teacher Training Program of 450 or more hours.

If you are interested please fill out and send in your Application. If you have any further questions please feel free to email for information

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