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Houston Chronicle Photoshoot with Terri


In April 2014 I got a call from Terri. She had just been interviewed on the phone by a reporter for the Houston Chronicle for an article that was going to run in the Sunday paper soon and it was on Heart issues and women. She told me all about what was discussed from her childhood health to now.

She told the reporter all about WAP and her Pilates. She again said how it had saved her and how the studio and the instructors and clients were like her family. When they asked her about a photo shoot and where would she like it to be she said without hesitating WAP.

She was worried that maybe it would be disruptive and maybe we wouldn't want to do it. I told her we would love to, plus it would mean spending time together! Always a good thing. Plus, she lit up the studio whenever she was there.

We set it up for an afternoon time on a friday as we thought it would be less crowded with clients and she set off to get the perfect workout outfit. She had her hair and makeup done and we all counted the days.

The day of the shoot both Kim Humrichouse and I were there and the photographer shot pics of Terri on the Cadillac, doing some arms and then on the Wunda Chair. The reporter talked to me a bit about how Terri came to us and I told her about our initial phone call and Terri's first visit to WAP.

When the photographer was done Terri asked if he could shoot a few of her and I together just being goofy. He was nice enough to shoot some great ones.

Then we all sat down and the reporter asked both Kim and I about working with Terri and Pilates. Terri again talked about her love of Pilates, WAP and Kim and I. It was a wonderful afternoon and so much was said in regard to what Terri believed, felt and held dear.

On Sunday May 3, 2014 the article came out and of course Terri was not to happy with her picture but, we all thought she looked beautiful...and of course her pants rocked!! She was always styling! She called a bit upset that there wasn't more on WAP and the studio. She was more concerned that they didn't go into detail on her Pilates and how it had helped her. That is the type of person she was, always concerned with her friends and them being happy, ok and taken care of.

That photo shoot was the last time Terri was in our studio. We know she would be happy with Pilates has Heart and that we are continuing her work and keeping her passion and bright light going.

Houston Chronicle Article with Terri