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In case of bad weather....let's make sure we still hit the mat

The thing about living in Houston is you never know what the weather will do. One day it is freezing, raining or sun is out and it is a bit warm. Welcome to Winter here in H-Town.

So, as much as we want the sun out and the air crisp but, not cold and the ground that our mats are on dry we could have a totally different situation. Well, no worries here thanks to all the wonderful folks at Silver Street Studios, home of our lovely WAP studio.

They are letting Pilates Has Heart use their fab Event Space if we need to get away from the elements on Sunday Feb 14, 2016.  We will be checking the weather the week before and start of the week and make our decision based off that.

Those who bought tickets we have your email and will let you know and since it is only a block away it is an easy adjustment for all!!! 

Sunday Feb 14, is right around the corner. If you haven't bought your tickets yet what are you waiting for?  Get your tickets now!