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NEW LOCATION for Event and more details.

For those that haven't heard we got a bit concerned with weather and making sure we had our event no matter ice, rain, wind, wet many things could happen in February in Houston.

Silver Street Studios has opened up the Event Space and we are moving our event there, a block and half from our original but, behind our Washington Ave Pilates studio. So, if you haven't seen our studio or want to just look around we are steps away.

We are now just 12 days away and the Mat class is planned and ready for all participants. The food truck is preparing something special

The event starts at 10am with a short little chat about Pilates Has Heart and our lovely Terri Dome. Then we all get some great Pilates work in as we go through a full mat class, no worries if you are new or advanced.

The Mat portion will be lead by WAP Owner/Director Hilary Opheim and WAP Instructor Courtney Lindsay.