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WAPilates Teacher's Space


Next class Tuesday July 3, 2018 at 3-4pm

Join Hilary every 1st Tuesday of the month...

As Pilates Teachers sometimes we don't get that time, community or challenge in our own practice. To be led in a full hour, non-stop, pushing yourself in Joseph Pilates work.

Now you can! Welcome to WAP's Teacher Space where you can come and share your passion with fellow teachers from all over the area and just work it! Be the client and focus on you!

Owner/Director Hilary Opheim will lead  you through a class of Traditional Pilates on Gratz Equipment. Dig deep, feel the connections and just let your mind get into your body and work.

The class is created for Pilates Teachers and depending on size of group utilize the mat, reformer, wunda chair, Cadillac and see where it leads.

Pricing: $35 single class/5 classes $150 or

10 for $290.


To book your spot for June 5th class or to purchases multiple just click button and you are on your way!