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WAPilates Teacher Training Program

To nurture and guide students in a supportive, safe and inspiring environment creating Pilates Instructors who are intuitive, passionate and committed to the Traditional Pilates Method.

Hilary    Owner/Director

Hilary    Owner/Director

Hilary Opheim- Director/Lead Teacher

Comprehensive Training Program/Mentorship and Apprenticeship Program

Hilary has been in the fitness industry in Houston since the days of high impact aerobics and has been teaching Pilates for over 25 years. Born and raised in Houston, Texas she was always active with swimming, tennis, gymnastic, dance, figure skating and sailing. She started her fitness journey teaching aerobics and was one of the first to get certified with Johnny G and to teach Spinning in Houston. She was the Group Fitness Director at the University Club for over 10 years. She set up their Spinning Program, one of the first Cycling studios in Houston.

After years of teaching Hilary found her knees in bad shape and was led to Pilates by one of her instructors at the University Club. She immediately fell in love with the Method.

She practiced Pilates for years and with no more pain in her knees she knew this was something she was meant to do and was led to John Gossett, at the time with Physical Mind Institute.  She then set up the Pilates studio at the University Club and continued teaching in other studios after it's closure.

In 2005 she opened up WAPilates and became PMA Certified. She founded Pilates has Heart in 2013 to honor client and friend Terri Dome, which raises money every year to help with awareness of Women's Heart issues and Cancer. 100% of all the proceeds go to Texas Heart Institute.

She continues to study the Traditional Pilates work and has studied with Jennifer Kries, Benjamin Degenhardt, Lolita San Miguel and others.  "One thing I love about Pilates and as a Teacher is that you are constantly learning. It is a journey that never ends and I not only learn from other Pilates Teachers but also every student that comes through the Teacher Training Program."

She has used her upbeat style to create an environment of positive and supportive guidance with the Teacher Training Program at WAP.  "I created our program to really nurture the students and I wanted it to really bring the Mentorship aspect into our program, to really guide the students and share our knowledge with them. We are giving information to them that took me years and years to learn."

"My favorite, each class, is seeing the progression of each student and how their personality and style comes out in their teaching." Hilary Opheim

Courtney   CE Program Teacher

Courtney   CE Program Teacher

Scott- CE Program Teacher

Scott- CE Program Teacher

Kim- CE Program Teacher

Kim- CE Program Teacher

Kale-CE Program Teacher

Kale-CE Program Teacher

Courtney Lindsay- CE Program Teacher

Anatomy Hands-on Assist Program

Courtney has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising from The University of Houston. Born in Arizona but raised in Houston; she's been dancing from a very young age and practicing Pilates for 15+ years.

Pilates has been a part of her life since she was a pre-teen,
chasing that dream of becoming a professional dancer. It was a way to hone control and awareness in her body, so that while leaping, spinning and splitting she did so with control and precision. Once she realized being a professional
dancer was not a reality for her she focused more on dance
for fun as well as playing and coaching sports like
sand-volleyball, hiking, biking – you name it! Courtney is hyperflexible and at times during these activities there was a lack
of stability in her movements, which lead to a painful SI
joint injury. Cue Pilates – but with a different intention
and focus on the practice -- healing. This inspired her to seek out the path to becoming an instructor.

Courtney obtained her Comprehensive Pilates Certificate through WAPilates Teacher Training Program. In 2016 she became a CE Program Teacher with the WAPilates Teacher Training School. 

She hopes to share what she has learned over the years with other Pilates instructors. "It is incredibly uplifting to guide and strengthen others with varying goals and injuries, and watch them have their own “ah-ha” moments as I did through this practice of Pilates. We only have one body and one spine, to care for it is of the utmost importance to keep them supple and strong. I am so grateful to be teaching and helping others (as well
as myself!). I’ll never stop learning, practicing and sharing what I've discovered." Courtney Lindsay



Scott Minard- CE Program Teacher

Scott is a native Houstonian and a lifelong competitive cyclist, he came to Pilates to develop a stronger core and to help rehab multiple injuries from decades of racing. He is a professional cycling , USA Cycling certified coach, and works with cyclist of all abilites. He trains riders with power using the latest technology and data analysis. Working with athletes he sees a number of common deficiencies that need to be addressed for maximum quality of life.

Scott discovered the benefits of pilates as a client and then obtained his Comprehensive Pilates Certificate through the WAPilates Teacher Training Program. He gained a new appreciation for anatomy, movement and body awareness. The benefits of Pilates to athletes of all kinds quickly became obvious to him. " Going through the Pilates Training process showed me a new level of understanding about body kinematics. With proper queuing and tactile input clients learn to move their body with total control"

Scott has a bachelor degree from the University of Houston in History and Education. In 2016 he started pursuing his Masters degree in Sports and Human performance. As a teacher Scott loves to impart the "flow and work" of a workout. "Using all the tools you have such as fitness, balance, focus and emotion propel you to get the most our of each movement" Scott Minard

Stay tuned for Scott's Continuing Education Program coming in late 2016/early 2017




Kim Humrichouse- CE Program Teacher

Kim has been teaching at WAPilates for the past 8 years.  Kim is a native Houstonian & attended the Houston High School for the Performing & Visual Arts with a major in Dance. She danced professionally with the Louisville Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, & Nevada Dance Theatre.
After her dance career, Kim returned to Houston & began studying Pilates. She also obtained a BA in Psychology from the University of Houston.  Because movement was such an important part of her life, Kim decided to take the teacher training, under the guidance of John Gossett, and become a Pilates instructor.   "One of the best things about teaching Pilates is that I get to see how much better people feel after their Pilates session. "
Kim became a WAP CE Program Teacher in 2016.  She is excited to create programs that will help fellow instructors teach clients with specific contraindications.  "I have found it extremely useful to learn variations of the original work.  It has allowed some of my clients with injuries, chronic conditions, or while pregnant to experience Pilates safely. I look forward to passing on what I have learned through my experience and training."

Stay tuned for Kim's Continuing Education Program coming in 2017



Kale Luhrman- CE Program Teacher

Kale has a Bachelor of Sciences in Integrated Physiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology, and Immunology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  After graduation she worked in a Neuropharmacology Lab at UT Health Science Center San Antonio, where she met her husband.  She was born and raised in Houston Texas, but feels at home in every city she's ever lived, or visited.  She loves to travel and see new corners of the world.

Kale's Pilates Journey began not in dance, but rather in training for the Houston Marathon.  While living in San Antonio and training for the Houston Marathon over the fall and winter of 2010, kale injured her knee due to lack of control and stability in her gait, which led to poor running mechanics.  After PT failed to help her return to the road, she sought out full equipment Pilates on the advice of her aunt, and quickly became an avid fan.  She had been doing mat pilates for years, but had never stepped foot in the studio; once she did, she never looked back!  She began her training in Madison Wisconsin, at the Midwest Pilates Institute, and upon moving back to Houston, she completed her comprehensive training through WAPilates Teacher Training School.

After giving birth to her son, Ezra, Kale was able to use pilates to manage Diastasis Recti in her own body, and in doing so decided she wanted to pursue pilates full time.  Soon after that, she became a WAP CE Program Teacher in hopes of helping aspiring pilates professionals learn how to truly dive into the traditional work, see the body in front of them, and help others conquer their own goals in their bodies.  "In this life, we only get one body, maybe with a few "bionic" parts.  Pilates allows us the chance to dig in and take back control.  I love working with clients and students, who've felt like a powerless bystander in their own body, due to illness, injury or just a lack of flexibility or strength, to regain control, to take the reins, and take back what is theirs.  Feeling in control of your body is the best type ofempowerment!" - Kale Luhrman

Stay tuned for information on Kale's Continuing Education Program coming 2017