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Our new website to celebrate our 10th year!!!

I can't believe that it was January 2005 that the WAP Journey began! Time flies! January 2, 2005 the first client came into my little 567sq. foot studio that had 2 reformers, a Wunda Chair and Cadillac. Some of you know that soon 2 more instructors joined and we had outgrown our little space within a year and a half. So, we moved a few blocks to the west into 1200 sq.ft and added our lovely Kim for our Massage Therapist.

For 5 years we enjoyed our space on Washington and running next door to Catalina Coffee to treat ourselves to a lovely drink. We added our WAP Teacher Training and more instructors and then the hard decision of do we stay or do we grow?

Then we found our Silver Street Studios location and we were on the move! More equipment, bigger space with 3,100 sq. feet and of course our chandeliers! We were worried about losing our intimate boutique feel, losing that connection with our clients and each other in the large space. We didn't need to worry.

I am so proud of all the WAP Girls and the team we have built. Each one is so gifted and has a unique and special quality that they bring to the studio. We all share that same passion for Pilates and for helping our clients achieve what they want and guide them to their goals.

This website I hope shows that passion and love that we all have at WAP. 10 years seems unreal and we can't wait to see what the next 10 bring!