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#createunity campaign on Instagram

We are proud of our happy place, our studio. The fact we get to come in every day and enjoy the energy, the clients, make a difference and feel as if we are just hanging with friends all day.

We love being a part of the Pilates community not only here in Houston but, around the country and all over the world. Social media has given us friends in that community that we never would have connected with in the past.

So, this started us brainstorming. What is a way to bring that community of instructors and clients all over together in a new way? Then it hit us! We want to create more unity in the Pilates world and that was it. #createunity campaign was born.

Each month we will have a specific subject on this and post videos, pics and thoughts. We will even give hints to the next month subject. We started our hints this September for our kickoff in October.

So follow us on Instagram and take our campaign and show us yours for the month. Just hashtag #createunity #wapilates and then the hashtag for the subject that month.

Let's create a community and show how alike we are, the passions we share, what we are about. We are excited to see where this goes and can't wait to share it all with you!