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Finding your Flexion workshop!

Many of us have tightness in certain areas of our body, or maybe just are starting Pilates, never done Pilates, some of us aren't sure as to are we getting that flexion? What exactly needs to happen to make that occur?

Our first open workshop to all including instructors, students, new participants is this month. We will spend 90 minutes using the mat and all the apparatus to understand and dig deeper. To work harder in the individual body and see what each body is capable of doing that day.  Finding the connection from the mat to the apparatus and the key actions to find your flexion.

We will work on the lumbar and thoracic mostly to make everything from your Hundred to Rollup to Teaser better for you. Deeper and more challenging.

To understand that the flexion is not just rounding the back but, using the whole body to make that happen. Feeling where each part is connected within yourbody and to the mat or the apparatus or the floor.

This is the start of our workshops for all! More will come! Bring your friend and share your Pilates passion. Meet others who share it and just spend some time in the studio working, playing and getting more focused!

Sunday August 23rd 9:30-11:00

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