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Golf? Running? Tennis? Whatever your activity Pilates has you!

You hear it a lot these days, Pilates can help with your sport. Whatever that may be. This past week a lovely client of mine finally convinced her golf playing husband that maybe he should give Pilates a try. She told him how it would help with his game.She has been coming for years, she also plays golf although not as avidly as he does.

We set him up with Cynthia and knowing that his focus and goals in regard to  Pilates was his golf game she spent the next week doing her research. She found out what muscles fired and when during the golf swing, what the hips were doing and the back.  She watched videos and Golf Anatomy videos. She spent hours going through and making up his lesson plan.

When he arrived for his first session and they started to chat she told him what the focus of that first workout was going to be and why. She let him know how it would be in relation to his golf game. He was very pleased.

They worked on his posture, his core strength, his glutes, as well as his balance and moved through the studio as he got a feel of the Mat work, the equipment and what muscles his instructor was asking him to work on.

At the end of the session he was more than pleased with what he felt in regard to the work and he saw how much Pilates could be geared to his golf. He now wants to come every week.

It is another thing we love about Pilates and teaching our clients one-on-one. On that note I am back to planning my clients workout for tomorrow morning. I know I have one client who informed me she had run twice over the weekend and so there are some things she will be needing in her workout tomorrow.