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Hello April....and April Fool's to you too!!!

It comes around every year and to my clients it means one thing! They get to plan a bit of their workout for that week! The joke is on them! So, on this last Sunday in March I am sitting planning my clients sessions for Monday.

I have touched base with them and most have already responded with what they would like to incorporate in their Pilates session. You would think they would all ask for simple, easy exercises that maybe feel good or they know they can do. To breeze through the workout and have no challenge. Right? Wrong!

Let's take for example client #1 who eventually will need a hip replacement although she is much to young for that now. She does not working the hips as it is challenging for her but, her pick for tomorrow? Footwork on the Cadillac and "whatever hip work you want to do" and Short Spine on Reformer...maybe I will add some high frog to her Short Spine?

Client #2 is older and has severe Scoliosis. She asked to work her upper body and some low back work as well as abs but left the particulars to me! I think some Spine Corrector side obliques will be in her hour for sure!

Client #3 is fit and runs. She usually is tight and loves feeling lengthened. She chose Rolldowns on the Cadillac as well as Legstraps on either Cadillac or Reformer and Chest Expansion. Very good choices and I know she will be there ready to get to it!

I have a few I am still waiting on but, I know that both of them will request Legstraps on the Reformer.  What else will they choose? That is the fun part!

So, it will be interesting to see what my clients feel they need to work on or do in terms of their Pilates training this week! I am sure I may get a few surprises but, I know my clients. They want to be challenged and feel good. How about you? If you had the choice of 3 what would you pick? Why?