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It is now time for the Cadillac

The first time people see the Cadillac in the studio it can be a bit intimidating. It is about 6 feet tall and has many springs such as ones for the legs and arms It has fuzzy loops that hang from the top and a push-through bar at one end and a rollbar at the other end.  The best part is when you let people know it also has a trapeze! That always gets a reaction. This trapeze is also why it is sometimes called a "Trap" Table.

The Cadillac is a large piece of equipment and so it is rarely used in group classes. It is usually used in Private sessions with your instructor. There are so many exercises that can be done on the Cadillac and it can be used to progress and regress movement in order to address the needs not only of the most Advanced client but, also a beginner.

Also a lot of the exercises done on the Reformer are also done on the Cadillac but, they feel completely different. The Legs springs, Arm work with the springs to Short Spine and Teaser. There is so much to learn and so many orientations to gravity to work with on the Cadillac.

Most are more familiar with the Reformer but, when they come into the studio and get a chance to work on the Cadillac it quickly becomes a favorite! The beginner to the advanced student can enjoy the challenge and some wonderful stretches.