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Let's look at the Spine Corrector!

The Spine Corrector..sounds a little scary right? It actually is one of the smallest apparatus in the studio and has no springs and it doesn't move. It has the round barrel like shape of the Ladder Barrel but, no ladder and is low on the ground.

It was designed by Joseph Pilates to open the chest and to correct the curvature of the spine. It can be a feel good or a challenge for even the most fit client.  A lot of the mat work can be done on the Spine Corrector and challenge the body even more with alignment, position and working with gravity in a different way than the mat.  This apparatus strengthens the abdominal, back and shoulder muscles to allow the spine to be more supple and young. It opens the chest, the shoulders straighten and the curve in the upper back that affects many or the "hump" disappears.
As we age, muscles sometimes weaken causing our spine to lose its natural curve. The Spine Corrector Barrel strengthens the abdominal, back and shoulder muscles to keep the spine supple and young. The chest opens, shoulders straighten, and any "hump" back disappears.

Also, in regard to some of the mat work on the Spine Corrector you can work on the outer thigh, inner thigh, hipsand strengthen the abs with moves like the side leg series, side obliques or side sit up. 

You can challenge the abs on top of the small barrel with what is called Balance Point. A great challenge is then to try the ab series such as single leg stretch, double leg stretch or scissors in that position.

Event though this is a small piece of equipment it adds variety and challenge to a Pilates mat routine and is great for strengthening the abs and getting the stretch not only in the spine and shoulders in a safe and supported way but, you can also get length in the hip flexors, hamstrings and abs with some wonderful opening work in a series called Leg Supine.

I have one client thought she is not fond of the term Spine Corrector, she says it sounds painful. So for her the Ladder Barrel is Mama Bear and the Spine Corrector is Baby Bear. It makes her happy. She is a huge fan of the ....Baby Bear