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March Matness!

This year every day in March Pilates participants are using social media and each day dedicating  to one exercise from "Return to Life" the original book by Joseph Pilates. This was started by the wonderful . Benjamin Degenhardt .

If you love Pilates then you have to have this book in your library. To see the original exercise as he did it, with pictures of him doing them is inspiring. Even after years of teaching I still will go back to this book and re-visit the work. His words and description of the move and how he intended for example The Hundred to be done.

In our studio we don't do classes so the Mat work that we incorporate into the individual clients session is always something to help them improve, challenge them, and get them to connect and feel what we are asking them to do in regard to their needs and goals with Pilates.

I always give homework to my clients and this is always of course Mat work. It is things they have done in their session that week and a way for them to keep working and improving while they are out in the world the rest of the time during the week.

Joseph Pilates did that. He wanted his clients doing the work at home. Continuing to master the exercise and to get stronger, more flexible, more aware and just better at the Pilates work.  I can see the difference in the clients who do their homework and those that don't. Luckily my clients are honest and will tell me as they hang their head slightly, no they did not do their homework.

Pilates is something I feel you are constantly working at to dig deepe and to get more out of it. I find it is something that each day my body decides the work is different. The strength or flexibility is not the same as it was yesterday. It is one of the things I love about it. I am constantly challenged.

I find the same is true with clients. We will never master The Hundred as we can always dig more into the movement with the breath, or the fight with gravity. So, as we go through March and the March Matness my clients will again see what Joseph Pilates wanted when it came to his work. His intent and his vision.

This is a man that was way ahead of his time! Now, let's hit the mat!