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New Years and Goals

Many people set a New Year's resolution. You see them in the gym every January and then mid to late February most of them are gone. They want to get in shape, lose weight, be trim. What if you had a goal?

Every year, New Years Day is a time for some to start fresh. To get that workout routine going, to eat better and to set some goals for the upcoming year. New Year's Resolutions.

What if you just every year set a goal?

For our clients it is a time to take a look at their Pilates practice and what they want to focus on for the year. To see how far they have come in strength, movement, flexibility, control and balance to name a few. 

It is something that we both, the client and the instructor, can see as the year progresses. It is a great way to re-focus and get back to the basics of Pilates. To remember the details of the work. 

A perfect example is a lovely client who wanted 2015 to be the year she could do a Teaser, and do it with ease. Little did she realize that it wasn't just doing or trying to do the Teaser over and over. No, it was creating the strength and flexibility to make that move happen.

So, the work started and the abs, from Transverse to external obliques were being used in ways she didn't realize they needed to work. Her hamstrings which could be tight due to running were getting lengthened and to use her glutes instead of quadriceps for so many things. We didn't do a Teaser every session but we would do her transitions on the Reformer and as the year progressed she got better and better.

Now, her Teaser at the end of the year isn't where she wants it to be. It isn't in her mind perfect and some days we struggle with it. The thing we looked at when the year ended and we began to go over goals for 2016 was how her abdominals had improved in ways she never thought. She had a connection with deep muscles that hadn't been there.

This year we continue on that journey for her and added a goal or two for 2016. We know that even if by the end of the year that Teaser is still not being done on the box on the Reformer it may be a smoother on in her transitions and on the Cadillac.

We aren't looking for perfection with our goals but, just to accomplish something we are striving for, doesn't that sound more fun than a resolution?