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Our Virtual Tour!

This is something we are so excited about! When we moved to our current location almost 2 years ago (wow time flies), we wished everyone could see our lovely chandelier and the beautiful wood floors and all the additional equipment we had gotten. Sure, we put pics up on the website but, it wasn't the same as when you walk through the doors.

I still remember our Grand Opening Party and that first reaction as the door opened and our long time clients saw it for the first time. It was such fun!

Then the opportunity for this Virtual Tour came to us and we jumped at it.

The photographer spent a few hours shooting pics of the entire space starting with our outside view and just continuing through the entire studio. Then we waited!

A week later it was up and live! So, now when we or are clients are out and about and someone asks about Pilates, or the studio we can click to this and show them all around!

So, if you haven't see our studio or walked through it now you can! Virtual Tour of WAP

Let us know what you think!