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Pilates and Massage Therapist

Kim Hamilton is the Massage Therapist at WAP. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10 and a half years and Nationally Certified for 7 years. This year she became Nationally Board Certified, we are so proud of her.

Kim has found that doing her job, giving massages brings with it some issues for her own body. She stands a lot and her legs and feet can get achy and sometimes she catches herself bending over too much. "My arms also get tight after a long day" she says. 

Kim started Pilates about 6 years ago. "Each session, I learn something new about Pilates and my muscles. I have found that Pilates is perfect for massage therapist as it keeps you fit and keeps your muscles toned and centered."  Her workout varies on how many times she is able to do Pilates each week. She has done up to 3 times a week but, sometimes less.

"I have trained with many Pilates instructors at WAP and it is pretty neat the you can work out with any instructor here and end up with a similar result" she says.

Pilates has taught Kim to be centered and to really slow down and to follow through in every massage stroke with a proper breathing technique. " but really the best thing for me is that my clothes fit me better"

Kim thinks that developing a strong core by doing Pilates is very beneficial in her line of work. Having a strong core, helps her maintain proper alignment during massage therapy and keeps the tension out of her back, neck and shoulders.

"Pilates has taught me to be more aware of my body movements and how my muscles work together as a unit." Kim says, " some massage therapist stop massaging after 5 years, from either getting burnt out or from injury due to repetitive motion. "

Kim doesn't think she would still be able to practice massage therapy if it weren't for Pilates. " I love my career and I love working and working out at Washington Ave Pilates."

Kim says the arm and leg work in her Pilates workout helps her stretch and strengthen her muscles. She is after all always pushing in with every massage stroke.  "I feel much stronger. In my work I have much more stamina, I feel like I can last twice a long and I am able to perform several 2 hour massages in a row with no problems."