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Pilates Day 2015

Every year on the first Saturday of May it is Pilates Day! This is an international community event to help bring awareness and bring the passion of Pilates to the public, to share it all! It is a day of different events that are for all to enjoy. Pilates Day is a program of the Pilates Method Alliance and the events are produced and hosted by PMA Members.

We are proud to be a Registered School with Pilates Method Alliance so we are always excited about what is going on that weekend! 

This year we are hosting the Meet and Greet with co-founders of the PMA Kevin Bowen and Colleen Glenn . On Saturday there will be a Mat Class in the Menil Museum Park and it is free and a way for all that want to try Pilates and see what it is all about or just enjoy a day outside moving.

When I first started teaching Pilates so few people understood or even knew what it was. They looked at me with these blank stares and just nodded. As the years went on they would say "Oh, yea! I heard of's like Yoga" I would then explain the differences between Yoga and Pilates.

I still think that Pilates is not where it needs to be in the minds of the public. There are still those that have never even heard of it, many think it is just another workout of stretching and those that think it is a girly workout.

So,, bring on Pilates Day 2015! Help us spread the word!