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Pilates Day is once again inspiring!

This past weekend was Pilates Day and it kicked off in Houston here at our studio. Pilates Instructors and Studio Owners from all around the Houston area came Friday evening for some food, drinks and a meet and greet with PMA founders Kevin Bowen and Colleen Glenn.

The event started at 6pm and Kevin and Colleen shared their stories and a bit of their history with Pilates and how they met and the path they took to get the PMA up and running. They talked of why and how and showed some wonderful old photos and talked about the history of Pilates.

It is always so wonderful to hear the history and path that Pilates has taken and to be in a room filled with so many that share your passion and joy for Pilates. Every year a few of us go to the PMA Conference to not only get our continuing education but, to be surrounded by those that share our joy of Pilates. This evening and weekend was just that!

Here are some great thoughts on this Pilates Day 2015 and our Meet and Greet with Kevin and Colleen.

"It was humbling to be in a room with such great Pilates talent, from the classical to the contemporary. All coming together to celebrate Pilates Day and our love and dedication to such a  beautiful and sound movement system. I was moved!" Alicia Gordy

"Hearing Colleen and Kevin speak on Pilates, the history and their own love and passion for what they do was very emotional and sparked that passion for what I love. To share that with my fellow WAP Girls and fellow Pilates friends was what made the evening most memorable." Hilary Opheim