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Pilates Journey never ends...accept the challenge!

Sometimes as instructors it is hard to remember to push ourselves in our own Pilates journey. It also can be hard for clients to get past a fear or feeling that something can't be done to get them to push themselves in their Pilates journey.

Just the other day with an hour break between clients another instructor and I decided to make our workout about ending with some inversion and hanging work on the Cadillac with what is called Candlestick. We started on the Reformer and got our abs, legs and some upper body then headed to the Cadillac for a bit more upper body and then went for it.

For me it had been a few months and for the other instructor it is getting over that fear and hitting that Candlestick. We did the work and left feeling like we had again set ourselves back on the path of challenging ourselves.

It is easy to stick with what you can do and then say you worked it. To do things your body knows and then just continue along. The great thing with Pilates is the journey and the never ending way you can challenge yourself and your body with all the work. To be able to overcome a fear of not knowing if it will happen, or a fear of not getting there.

The journey with Pilates is just that..a journey. It is movement and just letting the body move and seeing where you can take it and take your mind. It is so wonderful to work and get stronger and more flexible and then one day to take that push with the work and see your body move and get further than it had before.

It may not be perfect, just as our Candlestick that day wasn't perfect but, it was better than before and we know that continuing to work and connect our minds to our bodies our journey will continue.