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Pilates Metric comes to WAP

We love Pilates and we see the benefits of what it does every day. We also pride ourselves on our individualized style of teaching and keeping our clients needs and goals utmost in our minds as we plan their workout.

Enter Pilates Metric, an app that was over 2 years in the making for it's creator Joseph Quinn. This takes our clients workout each session and shows biomechanical and anatomical movement. In other words if we have a goal of strengthening due to an injury, or to create some flexibility due to running or a sport, you name we can show the client exactly what was going on and why during their session. So, at the end of each session our client can see what exercises we did in terms of their goal or needs.

It shows you how much stabilization, movement and what joints were involved and how and much more.  We can send your Pilates homework by email, text or airdrop so between sessions you can do your Mat work that continues you on your path. You can get your stats for that workout as well. We can keep those exercises we are aiming to improve on, working toward and if our client needs a sub that instructor can pull up in their Pilates Metric to see what that client has been doing, working toward and keep their Pilates on the path smoothly.

In 2017 the app for clients arrives which will be another wonderful key for our clients in seeing what Pilates is doing for them. We are proud to be the first and are looking forward to continuing to bring Pilates as it was intended by Joseph Pilates to you with Pilates Metric.

For our students in our Teacher Training Program they also get to use the Pilates Metric, which helps them understand each exercise and why choose it for the client, what is working and how. The benefits are incredible as a student and we are excited to share this.

Watch here as Joseph Quinn, the creator gives WAPilates a shout out!!