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Pilates over the years

I get asked a lot what is Pilates? Why should I do it? For me the answer is one that always changes. In my own practice I have found that over the years what Pilates has done for me or what I have needed has changed. 

When I was introduced to Pilates I was teaching step aerobics, spinning and classes such as BoxAerobics and Barre Classes (although they weren't called that way back then). My knees were starting to really ache and so one of my fellow instructors introduced me to her Pilates equipment. I noticed in one session that this was something my body needed. I continued to see her every week and my knees stopped hurting and my body started to change. My muscles weren't as tight and they were leaner and longer. My jeans fit better and after years of doing all the classes that had never happened.  I soon decided I wanted to help others so I got Certified.

Over the years Pilates has helped me with shoulder stability when I had some issues due to swimming, gotten me stronger for skiing and kept my knees healthy, and also centered me when the world was crazy around me. The focus and breathing of the work has reduced stress at moments in my life that the stress was high. It has kept me in shape mentally and physically and allowed me to continue other activities.

I practice what I preach and have my personal workout every week where  I am the client and the workout is guided by my instructor for what I need. She has me do those exercises that my body needs and makes sure my form and alignment are proper. 

So, when I am out at a party or dinner and someone asks me what Pilates is or why they should do it what do I say?  I try to keep it simple and after explaining the equipment and a little history on Joseph Pilates I tell them how it is a workout that can evolve with you. That it is something you continue to learn and master. The wonderful thing about Pilates is how even after doing The Hundred for years and years each time you learn something about your body.

Pilates is a journey and I know that for me that journey will never end.