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WAP hits the PMA 2015 Conference

Every year a few of us take off for the Pilates Method Alliance Conference. This year we headed to Denver not only continuing our education and expanding our minds but, some bonding time and sharing our Pilates passion with other Pilates instructors from all over the world.

As always we came away with our brains full and overflowing with information, light bulb moments, and fun times with the Pilates world. Learning and taking wonderful gems from Brett Howard, Deborah Lessen, Lise Stoltz, Shari Berkowitz, and Benjamin Degenhardt

2015 was Emily's first time at the conference and she was very excited to start the PMA off with our first workshop on Scoliosis. Emily had found out she had Scoliosis as an adolescent and has felt and seen how much Pilates can help.

" Attending the PMA conference was such a fantastic experience. I am still processing all the information I received while I was there. One of the things that resonated with me the most was the importance of going back to the basic principles of Pilates. It is key to revisit those principles before moving forward. I also loved getting to connect with people from all over who share the same passion for Pilates. I am already excited about next year!" says Emily

My-Hanh was on her second PMA conference this time and ready to again get recharged and bring all that she absorbed back to her teaching and her clients.

"The 15th Annual PMA Conference, once again lived up to its name of fostering community, integrity, and respect for diversity through education, networking, and promoting the Pilates method. For me personally, the conference has refuled and ignited my continued passion for Pilates. I have a renewed interest to go back to the basics and study the classical moves with new eyes. The focus inmy own practice has shifted to a new light, as I have a broader understanding of body movement. My hope is that my clients will notice and find new connections within themselves. I look forward and am eager to see what next year has to bring."

We are so lucky to get to do what we do every day. To give our clients the tools to make their bodies stronger, more flexible, more aligned and to take all they learn into their daily lives.

"For me the reason I go every year and what I enjoy the most is for 3 days I get to learn from so many different first generation and second generation teachers. To go back to the basics and real true method sets my teaching for the year. No matter how long you do or teach Pilates, there is always something to learn or see differently. The longer you teach and see different bodies in front of you the more you realize you need to know or learn."

We are already excited and looking forward to 2016 but, for now it is back to our clients and with more tools and excitement in our teaching thanks to yet again another great PMA!