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Progressing in your Pilates practice

Jay Grimes has been known to say that it takes 5-7 years of practicing the Pilates Method 3-4 times a week to really understand the work in your body. That is a lot of time right?

Pilates is something that you are constantly learning and growing and that is one thing we love about teaching it.  How even working on a particular goal or need for your body one exercise will be a moment of clarity or a "wake up". That light bulb moment.

Take the Hundred for example. Does that ever get easier? I would imagine the answer is no. A new client to WAP started last week, they hadn't done Pilates in 25 years and came back due to back pain while playing golf. When it came time to do the Hundred I asked him "Do you remember the Hundred?" His face said it all. He did and it was challenging.

The Hundred is full body. You are breathing in a coordinated way, deep and full. Arms are pumping and torso is staying stable. Legs are long and lengthening out from your center. So much is going on within your body and mind as you are doing those 10 inhale and exhales...10 times!

When you first do the Hundred to doing them for the "hundredth" time do they ever seem to get easier? No? Why is that? You know you are getting stronger right? Well, what if you think about what Jay Grimes said and it is that you are become more aware of what exactly is supposed to be engaging, working, lengthening. You are starting to understand what is working in your body and how. Getting the muscles more coordinated in how they are firing to make your move happen.

Pilates is a form of exercise that you are constantly seeing progression and growth with your body and your mind. This is one thing we love so much about it.

Even as Pilates Instructors we are still learning and growing in our own practice with our instructors on a weekly basis. Learning how our bodies are changing and how that affects our Pilates. What our focus and needs are as each day, week and year goes by.

This July we get to be a part of the Beta testing of a new tool that will show clients what we are talking about! Pilates Metric will show each client what exercises they did that session that helped with stabilization, flexibility, to get them closer to their goal, help with any issue their body is having, working on strength. It will show things in regard to joint movement, alignment and more.

We are excited to be able to take our clients Pilates to a place where they will be a part of our community at WAP in a new way. To be able to sit and see what they are accomplishing and feeling. Why they do what they do each time they come in for a session.

There is a reason we have clients that have been doing Pilates for over 20 years. There is always progression, the goals and needs change as life goes on for everyone. It is one of constant light bulb moments, new challenges and new focus for everyone.

So, keep on learning, keep on moving forward with your Pilates. Your body will love the journey and so will your mind!