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What brings us to Pilates?

Pilates is our passion. As Pilates Instructors we want to share that passion and our love for it with our clients. When clients come to Pilates we always ask what made them try Pilates? What goals do they have? What do they want to get from their Pilates sessions?

Did you ever wonder what brought your instructor to Pilates? What made them decide to become a Pilates Instructor? I know that many start as clients and see and feel how Pilates changes their bodies and their lives and they decide they want to share that with others. Some started as dancers and it was part of their lives and once they stopped dancing they choose Pilates as a second career. Others were introduced due to an injury and saw the benefits and decided they wanted to help others as they had been helped.

Some of you may know that I came to Pilates when my body become tight and some muscles overused from teaching fitness classes. My knees were starting to bother me and a fellow friend who was a Pilates Instructor got me into her studio and onto the equipment. I felt my body work in a different way and I got the length, stretching and work of resistance without the same tight, overworked feeling I got from my weight training and when I left I felt better than when I came to her.  The breathing, the focus and the control was such a break from the day and an hour of just my mind connecting to the body. I found out things about my alignment from feet to head that were contributing to my knee pain and soon my knees felt more stable and pain was gone.

I was a client for many, many years before I got brave and decided to pursue Pilates as another path.   A lot of our WAP Girls started as clients, some here at WAP and some at other studios or from other states.  

A few of had full time "real" jobs (as we call them) and took a leap and decided Pilates was what they wanted to do full time after seeing what they could do in regard to helping people and sharing Pilates.

Some came from the dance world or Physical Therapy and after being introduced to Pilates that route pursued it.

So, the common goal to what brings us all to Pilates..even if the path is different is how we want to share it with others. We love what we do and we love watching our client goals get met and new ones made.  We love when something connects or clicks for the client that didn't before.

What brings us to Pilates is our passion for it. What connects us is our passion for it.