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WAP at the 2016 PMA

Every year a few of us head off to the PMA Conference, wherever it may be, and this time it was off toPhoenix. This was an exciting year for us as we had 3 of our WAP crew that had never been to PMA while 2 of us had. We also had a photoshoot with Pilates Style Magazine to help out with some stock photos, Pilates Metric was having a booth and we were so proud to be a part of that, and of course seeing old friends, new friends and this year's party for Pilates Anytime was Halloween theme! The danger of course was the sip and shop expo and our favorite Pilates Nerd and Toesox...those never get left out.

So, on top of that you have the actual workshops, absorbing the knowledge and having the mind opened even more! Our first experience in that area was of Mary Bowen. To say she did not disappoint is an understatement. She moved us mentally and changed the view of teaching for many of us. Her humor and her stories and her passion for Pilates was palpable.

The mat classes wiped us out as always, Brett Howard was the icing on the cake the first day! The food truck night as we all sat under the trees dripping with lights and just enjoying each others company as well as our fellow Pilates peeps was a nice moment to just again be in that moment.

The days flew by as we enjoyed the knowledge of Alycea Ungaro, Madeline Black, Mary Bowen, and more. Our bodies and minds became wonderfully exhausted and our passion for what we do every day more vivid. The final night we all got to enjoy the premier of the movie " a Tribute to Joseph Pilates" which was a wealth of information and history.

It has now been a week and we have finally absorbed all that happened at the PMA.  To us the conference is a mix of getting to listen to our fellow Pilates teachers and what they have learned over the years, to visit and chat with others who share our passion and to spend some time together going down the path deeper into Pilates and sharing the journey in a new way.

Teaching Pilates is a journey. I have always felt that you will never know everything, you can always learn from others and share what you have learned. It is one thing I love about it. Going every year to the PMA and traveling with my fellow WAP crew, who also feels that way is a gift.

To be with the PMA crew and see the passion they have to create a community no matter where you learned or who you studied with always is inspiring. We all want to show the world what Pilates truly is and to continue the work that Joseph Pilates created.

So this week, our clients are again digging deeper as we did at the conference. Seeing the work with fresh eyes and minds.

Is it to early to say we can't wait until PMA 2017?