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WAP Newsletter and Client Corner

Every month we send out our Newsletter. We enjoy sharing all things Pilates, what is going on in the studio, information on our instructors and the most fun our Client Corner.

It is the best part of being a Pilates Instructor, to see the progress of your client and to see how Pilates affects their lives and health. 

Over the years we have had so many wonderful Client Corner's and I thought it would be fun to catch up on some after some time had passed so, here it goes!

Sandra Williams -Jan/Feb 2009- Sandra had come to Pilates in pain with degenerative disc disease and stenosis and also had rheumatoid arthritis and pain medications as well as spinal injections were not giving her relief. Starting slowly and building core strength and flexibility Sandra is still continuing her Pilates and can do full Teasers and advanced moves. Even with flare ups of arthritis the movement of Pilates helps her have a fuller range of motion.

Barbara and Pablo Ruiz- March/April 2010- Barbara came to Pilates with terrible pain in her legs and after doing Mat work on her own decided to try the apparatus and has never had pain in her legs again. In 2007 her husband Pablo joined her and both continue to this day. Barbara has found her strength has improved that doing some advance work that she didn't think possible has been achieved and Pablo is now gained enough flexibility to do full Teasers on the box and lengthen as he never thought possible.

Ashley Cox- Sept/Oct 2010- Ashley came to us when she wanted to start some type of exercise to get in shape for her wedding. A physician she knew the importance of core muscle training in terms of overall health so she wanted to find something that focused on that in her workout. She has continued her Pilates and now has had her first baby, a little boy. She continued her Pilates throughout her pregnancy and is now back and ready to work!

These are just a few we caught up and it is so fantastic to watch the growth and changes of each client from that first day and see them over the years. To see the confidence in themselves and what their body can do is a gift.