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WAP's Guy

Pilates was invented by a man, Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates was a boxer, an athlete and his Contrology as he called it, was geared to men in regard to the exercises and strength and control needed. Somewhere along the way that got lost and it is thought by some as a "girls workout". Maybe not so much as when I first started teaching but, there is still a bit of that out there.

We have always been known as the WAP Girls and yes, we have lots of male clients but, as for a male instructor we had not had that opportunity until now.

Welcome our newest instructor Scott Minard. He first came to the studio as a client and we have known him over the years as our instructor Sheri's other half. Scott is a professional bike racer and he started to think about the benefits of Pilates in regard to those he coached in the bike world.

Scott made the decision to go through our Teacher Training and he brought a whole new different energy to teaching and focus based on his history of the body and alignment from bike riding and coaching.

We joke now that we are WAP Girls and a Guy. Sorta sounds like a tv show as our wonderful massage therapist Kim said.

What do you think?