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Welcome back our little sunshine!

A year ago this month she left WAP to pursue another path. She was never far as we kept in touch with her and she continued her education and passion with Pilates. We had her keep her key as we hoped that one day she would come back to WAP.

This month we got the news that she was heading back to Houston and could she use that key and come on in? We threw the doors open and welcomed Meaghan back to WAP!

Meaghan came to us originally through the WAP Teacher Training Program. She was newly married and they had just moved to the area. We were impressed with her focus, her passion and her compassion. She is always positive and kind. We are lucky she wanted to stay.

Now, she is back and working early morning hours into the day but, able to of course help out her fellow WAP Girls with anything they need. If you haven't met her you are in for a treat!

So, when you are in and you see our little ray of sunshine say HI! Welcome back Meaghan!