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Witches of Wap create quiet a stir!

Every year on Halloween the Witches arrive at WAP. Workouts in hand, broomsticks at the door, hats on heads they lead clients through a very ghoulish workout.

Now, just because the Witches are in the studio doesn't make the work or focus fact we have been told it is the opposite.

So, if you can't make it to the studio this year why not do a little Witchy workout at home? Give this short little series that will help you get those broomsticks airborne!

The "Haunted" Hundred to get the core warmed up and breathing going for those long flights,

"Stir the pot" One Leg Circles to help with pelvic stability and more core strength to keep that broom in check.

"Scary" Scissors to continue that pelvic stabilty ( so important for broom rides) and get those hamstrings and hips more flexible.

Those are just a few that those crazy Witches of WAP have for you. If you want more then why not schedule your session with one of them this Halloween? They will be in the studio only Friday and Saturday so time is limited.....until next year!