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Explore your movement!

At WAPilates we know each person that walks through our doors is an individual in every way. Just like Mr. Pilates we are all here to guide you in where you want to go as a Pilates practitioner or as a student in our Pilates Teacher Training Program with Hilary Opheim. Exploring Pilates to see how you get there, what challenges you want and to give you that joy in movement and freedom in your everyday life.

We meet you where you are, celebrate your ability and accomplishments whatever they may be in your Pilates journey. Traditional Pilates. Authentic Pilates. We also offer Open Studio time for you to explore and use what you have learned on your own.


Traditional Pilates as Mr. Pilates created is for wherever you are in your life and ability. You will move more freely, discover something about yourself each time, and be supported to take yourself further than you may have thought possible.

The beauty of Pilates is seeing where you can go and how can we get you there. It is a lifelong journey for all of us, so come and explore your movement, see how hard you can work or how far you can go!

Pilates classes in Spanish are also offered. See Astrid’s, Christina’s and Valeria’s bios to learn more about our bilingual teachers at WAP


We practice Pilates to live a better life outside the studio and we love sharing this passion with you. Our teachers are here to guide and support your movement the minute you come into your space each and every session. Private or group class you have found your place that you can come and focus on your Pilates practice and enjoy the open space and your fellow WAP friends.


WAPilates provides you with the full Pilates experience as it was created and intended by its founder, Joseph Pilates. Authentic Pilates. Traditional Pilates. Our classes are small and focused to your needs just as much as our private sessions. Each day we also offer Open Studio times. Our philosophy is “as Mr. Pilates intended”

"WAPilates is set apart by our complete set of apparatus, our Comprehensive Teacher Training Program and our dedication to preserving the art and science of Contrology, or as known now Pilates. We believe Pilates is a movement of the body, mind and spirit." Hilary Opheim


WAPilates opened in January 2005 with a vision by Owner/Director Hilary Opheim to have a space that was supportive, positive and to create an environment that gave each person coming into the studio a feeling of leaving the outside world and focusing on the moments for themselves in their Pilates practice.