WAPilates Continuing Education Programs

WAPilates Teacher Training Programs are designed to take your teaching to another level. To allow you to go deeper with your knowledge and guide you in our same boutique way of teaching.  Unlike many workshops these are hands on learning, homework, and mentoring by Director Hilary Opheim.

Taught by Hilary Opheim-Owner/Director WAPilates

Taught by Hilary Opheim-Owner/Director WAPilates


WAP GRAD Presents: Hilary Opheim “Cueing for clients that gets more connection in mind and body” and Lora Rainey “Slings Workshop”

Sunday September 28th 9am-1pm

Join Hilary with visiting 2015 WAP Grad Lora Rainey from Australia as they give a duel workshop.

Lora Rainey, PilatesITC Faculty Educator will be teaching her Slings workshop which will break down movement patterns utilising slings, challenge your understanding of Pilates repertoire in a studio setting, and question how all these skills can translate into functional, everyday movement.

Hilary Opheim, Director/Teacher Trainer will be teaching her workshop “Cueing for clients that gets them more connected in mind and body”. This workshop shows how to teach and not use those cues we sometimes can get stuck on "scoop", "use those abs or your powerhouse" , "squeeze your glutes " and so on. Give your clients the power to figure out what is needed by the use of the springs an apparatus, an of course your cues.

Sunday September 29th at WAPilates 9am- 1pm

Contact for more info or book your spot above $250 for workshop

Can’t get to Houston? This workshop will be available online for all registered!



WAPilates Teacher Training Program Goal is...

To nurture and guide students in a supportive, safe and inspiring environment creating Pilates Instructors who are intuitive, passionate and committed to the Pilates Method.