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WAPilates Continuing Education Programs

WAPilates Teacher Training Programs are designed to take your teaching to another level. To allow you to go deeper with your knowledge and guide you in our same boutique way of teaching.  Unlike many workshops these are hands on learning, homework, and mentoring by Director Hilary Opheim.

Taught by Hilary Opheim-Owner/Director WAPilates

Taught by Hilary Opheim-Owner/Director WAPilates


Using The Mat To Assess And Where To Go From There”

Presented at the PMA Conference in 2018 this workshop by Hilary Opheim is for any teacher new or experienced!

Joseph Pilates used the mat and Reformer to really assess what was going for the client. It is probably the thing I love most about Pilates, seeing what "pops" up with my client's session each week. This workshop shows how to see what “speaks or shouts” the loudest in terms of what is going on in the body in front of you. How do you take what you see in terms of the client's body and improve that pattern that you see? Learn how the exercises on the Mat can transfer in a different way to the other apparatus and help the connection and movement for your client. Then seeing how things changed for them back at the mat.

This 4-hour workshop is like all of my workshops with full participation and seeing what we see in our fellow participants and working together to see what options are best for what we see. Utilizing the full studio we see how the different apparatus can help connect or work the body to get the results we are looking for in terms of what pattern we are seeing with that client.

Seeing all the connections for the body with the different springs, orientations of gravity and movement is full of those lightbulb moments for us teachers and our clients! 4 CEC's available

Sunday July 28th at WAPilates 9am- noon

Contact for more info or book your spot above $200 for workshop

Can’t get to Houston? This workshop will be available online for all registered!



WAPilates Teacher Training Program Goal is...

To nurture and guide students in a supportive, safe and inspiring environment creating Pilates Instructors who are intuitive, passionate and committed to the Pilates Method.