What should I expect on first visit?

Your Teacher, will have you fill out some general information about yourself. This includes any medical issues your Teacher may need to know about to better customize your sessions.

Feel free to take this time to ask any last minute questions or concerns that may come up.


What should I wear?

Comfortable yoga pants or workout type pants that are easy to move in and top. Please make sure there are no zippers on your back of top or pants as they damage the equipment Feel free to go barefoot on the machines or wear socks. No shoes, and we are a scent free studio so no essential oils, cologne or perfume Please take off all jewelry as it can get caught or damage equipment.


What about Parking?

Our parking is directly in front on Edwards and we have a few reserved spaces. During severe storms the street in front of studio can flood. In case of this go into the Silver Street entrance and park in back alley of studio.


What if I need to change after or before workout?

We have two dressing rooms where you may change clothes.