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WAPilates Teacher Training Program

To nurture and guide students in a supportive, safe and inspiring environment creating Pilates Teachers who are intuitive, passionate and committed to the Traditional Pilates Method.

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WAPilates is a boutique style studio in our way of teaching and and we pride ourselves not only on knowledge of Joseph Pilates work but, also in our treatment and care of clients. So, we wanted to share that with others who have that same passion.  Learning in a personal mentor-apprentice style of training. We offer an Assessment-based Certificate that is just as intimate as our client’s workouts.
Our program is designed to teach you how to be a Teacher including a practical assessment of movement and teaching skills for the apparatus.  You will learn how to spot faulty movement patterns and know how to address them.  You will know how to lead your students within the entire system to help with specific issues or to challenge them. You will understand the relationship all the apparatus, including the Mat, has to each other and how to use it for your students. A true Mentorship experience with Hilary Opheim you will learn the Traditional Method as Joseph Pilates created it. You will learn how to teach Pilates, how to make the most of your clients workout and keep their goals and needs in mind as well as how to teach to the body in front of you. Many courses just teach you the exercise and we really wanted to include not only Teaching skills but to truly understand the work of Joseph Pilates. This intimate approach gives you a deep understanding of the work that is nurtured and developed producing competent, intuitive, knowledgeable and passionate teachers.
Taught over a series of weekend sessions in our beautiful studio located near downtown Houston. We are a fully Comprehensive Program. We don't teach Modular, Blocks or Levels or a fast-track training but the full system. You will learn Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Back Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector, small barrel, Pedi Pole, Foot Corrector, Arm chair, and push up devices.  Between the weekend intensives, we will share our equipment and expertise with guidance and feedback. There will be observation, practice and assistant teaching hours. All hours in our program are hands on, no online learning but in the studio and feeling and seeing the work.  You will also learn on Gratz Apparatus.

WAPilates School is known for it's Mentorship/Apprenticeship style of teaching for the students. Each student receives full attention of Hilary Opheim, Director of the Pilates School. Feedback, direction, and guidance are key elements and make this program unique.

  • Every Teacher Training Student receives the Pilates Metric app as part of the course

  • Weekly apprentice meeting with a brief group workout, Q & A and case studies

  • Manuals

  • Written and practical exams and quizzes

  • Access to the studio for hours

  • Participation in Mentorship Teachers monthly meetings

  • WAP Grad Program

WAPilates Teacher Training School is a PSAP Approved Pilates School. The PSAP is a program of the Pilates Method Alliance.

For those outside of Houston we have our Comprehensive Teacher Training Weekend Intensive Course. Travel to Houston and our studio for 3- full weekend intensives Friday-Sunday. Test out is scheduled individually when hours are met. Contact us for more info, lodging and dates. Dates to start are Fall-September 2018, Winter February 2019, Spring- May 2019 and Summer- August 2019

Tuition and Payment    $4,900 (full payment by cash or check, discounted price)  Due before start of course. $5,100 (full price- paid by credit card)  $5300 (2 payments with installment plan). If Mat Training not completed add $600 to include in Full Comprehensive.

Mat Training only $600 and includes manual and handouts

Payment Plan:   Pay in installments with first installment due before class begins.  Schedule of installments will be given when you are accepted for the Teacher Training course. Depending on the course dates.

Your payment includes • Weekend training • Training Manuals • Handouts • Practical Test-out/Exit Interview •Studio privileges for apprenticeship & personal practice • Handouts that continue after training is finished • One-on-One Mentorship hours with the Director • WAP Pilates Metric App to use while in Program * Channel access to Hilary Opheim’s online classes and workshops

Tuition cost does not include:
Private sessions with our instructors (if needed or wanted) •Professional Liability Insurance •Re-testing fees (if applicable) •Lost Manuals (Training Manual & Exercise Manuals, up to $300 to replace all) . • Required reading (list will be given ) •CPR Training fees (if applicable)

Transferability of Previous Training-  We also have an assessment for each apparatus if you have already completed part or parts of training but have not done the Comprehensive Training and are looking to complete your Pilates training. This allows the student to enter our program designed to their needs. Based off each individual so please call or email for information.  Done on an individual basis so the class is scheduled accordingly. There is an assessment fee based on practical assessment or written.

We realize taking this journey and how to go about it can be confusing. Please feel free to contact us to help understand the differences so that you make the choice that is right for you. We want everyone to follow their passion for Pilates no matter what that route or path is for them. We will work with you on any time frame you need and can design the program to fit your schedule.

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Next Mat Training/Comprehensive Program is Spring/Summer April 2019

Mat Training Saturday April 27th

Comprehensive Program starts May 4th

  Normal schedule is Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall, Fall/Winter and Winter Courses.

Feel free to check out Hilary's website at as well for Teacher Training at your studio and  our host studios

Auditing WAPilates Teacher Training Program is welcome to all. For those wanting to deepen their knowledge or practice, to gain clarity or for those interested in the course. Contact for more information.