WAP-TT Instructors

Some of our graduates stay on at WAP while others are all around and we thought we would help you find one near you.  Here are some of our WAP graduates and below that we also have listed others who have completed the Teacher Training and graduation date.

Brooke WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Brooke WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Brooke Beeckman

Brooke Beeckman finished her training at WAP and then literally hopped on a plane and was relocated to Arizona. Brooke teaches at Premier Pilates and Sommet Studios in N. Scottsdale.

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Lora Rainey

Lora finished her WAP TT and started teaching around Houston but, a few months later she was off to Australia. She now teaches Pilates Down Under and can be found in Perth. Lora also holds a Degree of Exercise Science from the University of Houston and has completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction through Pilates International Training Centre.


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Lora- WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Lora- WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Lauren-WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Lauren-WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Meaghan WAP-TT Instructor/PMA Certified

Meaghan WAP-TT Instructor/PMA Certified

Emily Hall-WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Emily Hall-WAP-TT/PMA Certified

Yvonne Sievert- WAP-TT

Yvonne Sievert- WAP-TT

Shannon Hunt- WAP-TT

Shannon Hunt- WAP-TT

Suzanne Worrell- WAP-TT

Suzanne Worrell- WAP-TT


Georgia Crowell

Georgia would travel every week from Louisiana for the WAP Teacher Training and then head back home. Georgia teaches Pilates and is a life coach as well.

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Lauren Shimotsu

Lauren lived in Harlingen, Texas when she she went through the WAP TT Program. She would travel 6 hours every weekend to do hours, class and practice and then head back home. She is now  in the Austin, Texas area.

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Meaghan Hampton

Meaghan was living in Huntsville, Texas when she started her training at WAP. After completing her training she stayed on at WAP until her husband got transferred out of state. A few years later they returned and so did Meaghan to WAP.  A new job again took Meaghan out of Houston and she moved to Dallas and taught at Purely Pilates Center. She has since had a beautiful little boy and is back in Houston.

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Emily Hall

Emily Hall was a client who saw what Pilates could do and wanted to help others. She finished her training at WAP and stayed on until a new job for her husband took them to Amarillo. Emily is now located in Amarillo, Texas and has her own studio.

Contact info for Emily coming soon.


Yvonne Sievert

Yvonne offers private Pilates sessions in her fully equipped home studio in Northwest Houston.  Yvonne has seen how Pilates helped her improve her overall fitness level and she enjoys helping others and showing them their potential.


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Shannon Hunt

Shannon has taught all over Houston after completing her training at WAP. Including teaching at WAP when she first started to Equinox and studios around the city. She is also a Certified Yoga teacher, Nutritionist and coach.  In early 2018 she opened her own studio in the Galleria area called Core Root Project. Specializing in Pilates to help heal as well as Yoga.

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Suzanne Worrell

Suzanne moved to Houston with her husband and wanted to continue her Pilates education having already gotten her Mat Certification. Suzanne has seen and felt how Pilates helped with her pain and joint issues due to her Lupus and loves being able to help others see and feel the benefit of Pilates for their own body.

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Hillary Light

Hillary Light would drive up from the Bay Area for Teacher Training at WAP and knew that when she passed her course she wanted to remain in that area. Newly married in 2018 she is the Pilates Coordinator at Lifetime Fitness Baybrook opening early December 2018.

Contact Hillary at Hlight@lt.life

Some more of our Teacher Training Graduates out in the world of Pilates:

Alicia Gordy February 2013

Amanda Knox- November 2014

Courtney Lindsay November 2014

Hilary West- August 2011

Kale Luhrman- November 2014

Koren Hollamby July 2012

Kristen Dockter December 2016

Mary Futcher April 2014

Meghann Chin January 2016

My-Hahn Adams- November 2013

Nicola Ellis- June 2015

Rachele Godell- October 2013

Robin Cribbs January 2013

Scott Minard January 2016

Sharon Stinson May 2012

Sheri Minard May 2011

Tory Fuentes- March 2015


Some of our Teacher Training Students:

Morgan Tibadou

Esther Maina

Tammy Fontaine

Brandy Sturrock

Asuncion Becerril

Stacy Barks

Christa Taormina

Mai Brupbacher

Bethany Valdez

Stacy Skolnik

Ann Pope

Cindy Commander

Nathan Allan

Hannah Victor

Michele Meinholz

Jackie Levett-Prinsep

Kristi Jackson

Myesha Washington

Kelsey Pudenz

Kelly Crone

Justine Fanarof

Nathaly Tores

Debra Cronin

Gunel Turner

Tracy Von Swol