Open Studio


WAPilates now has Open Studio for you! Open Studio allows you to come in and take charge of your workout that day. Use the apparatus and practice your Pilates. There is always a teacher available to help you if you have a question or need assistance or give you guidance. You will be given a list of exercises that are for you so you will not wonder what do I do today?

For Open Studio you must have done at least 10 privates to ensure you know the apparatus and the exercises that you will be doing in Open Studio. We want to make sure you know all the safety of the apparatus and the exercises that fit your needs and goals. If you have done Pilates before but, not at WAP we will just schedule you in for a private and get you set up with the apparatus, your workout and make sure to fit your workout as you go into the Open Studio.

So come in and use what you have learned and spend some time learning more, discovering things for yourself. Take what your Teacher has instilled in you and see where you can go on your own!

We are always around as you explore your movement to help if you need.

OPEN STUDIO October Schedule $35


Tuesday’s 1pm-2:30pm

Wednesday’s 12-1:30pm

Thursday’s 1pm-2:30pm

Friday’s 2pm-3:30pm

Saturday’s 8:30am-10am

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