WAPilates offers private sessions for adolescent ages 13 and up. It has been proven that exercise at a young age helps improve behavior, physical fitness and academic achievement. Joseph Pilates even said that habits are easily formed in childhood good and bad. He specifically spoke about the principles of developing both a balanced body and mind through correct breathing, mental control, and natural physical exercise. If Pilates is learned at a young age, that student will learn about body mechanics, posture, breath and the mental connection to each, they also will grow with less wear and tear in general lift activities and any sport that they participate in.

 During their session students will learn physical skills while incorporating awareness of their body (focused awareness, concentration, coordination, healthy breathing, mindful movement and control of movement). Students strengthen the connections between building strength and flexibility while creating a strong connection to their body – with the intention of fostering greater mental fitness, emotional intelligence, physical well-being and social competence. Students will progress at their own pace, level and the sessions are catered to their needs and goals.


Some benefits include:

  • Body Positioning & Awareness Skills (focused awareness, attention, and concentration) to shift one's focus from external stimuli to internal awareness of where the body is in space

  • Healthful Breathing to promote slowing down, reflecting and becoming present

  • Coordinated Breathing to sequence breathing patterns with movement, and then identify how the breath can make movements easier/harder

  • Core Strengthening to support healthy growth and development of the trunk and extremities. Core strengthening exercises also provide opportunities for understanding how using the core muscles can assist with a variety of other physical sport and non-sport related activities

  • Flexibility to demonstrate and identify the absence/presence of flexibility in key muscle groups which contribute to a healthy postural balance within the body

  • Concentration & Coordination exercises, to assist in the development of focused movement and concentration by means of choreographed movement sequences with changing tempos

  • Relaxation to promote balance and calm


Call 281-352-5791 or email us at info@wapilates.com to set up an Assessment (Introductory session)