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Shower/Wedding Day

We want to make your day even more special

We want to make your day even more special


it is your Day....come on in to WAP!

Do something memorable and sweet for you and your bridal party or wedding guests at WAPilates. We take great pride in helping honor this special event with friends and family. Our Traditional Method Pilates can soothe wedding day jitters, bring people together and honor the special intention of two people in love. You will clear your mind, connect mind and body and just work! Your party will do Mat Pilates and all the apparatus of Joseph Pilates.

This two hour class can be customized to fit the needs and experience level of the bridal party. A fun alternative to the “typical” bachelorette activities, and sure to bring unity to you and your friends or family. This class will delve deeply into Pilates and be more than just a typical class.

WAPilates is here to make your wedding celebration unique by offering bridal couples, along with friends and family, a customized celebratory Traditional Pilates experience, either in our beautiful studio or in the space of your choosing. We know that planning a wedding and the actual wedding day can be very stressful, so our class is designed to help you and your loved ones focus, connect, feel challengedand enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You will leave feeling refreshed, stress free, centered and fit! It is also an excellent way to create a beautiful bond with your bridal party.  

Included: 2-hr workout, depending on morning, afternoon or evening selection of desserts, champagne or mimosas, pictures and video of your experience.  
For this package or to design one of your own please contact us at 281-352-5791 or email

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