WAPilates Teacher Training Program is catered to a small, intimate learning environment.

Christina Scuseria- Winter/Spring 2017
Hilary is an incredible teacher and mentor.  She is truly invested in the success of her students which is apparent through her availability, willingness to help, flexibility, encouragement, and the mutual respect that is always present.  Hilary is extremely knowledgeable in the traditional Pilates method and because of her training, I feel confident that I have a solid foundation for teaching Pilates.  

I started the WAP Teacher Training Program and within two weeks of starting I got pregnant. I was still able to practice a fair amount and was able to focus on getting my teaching hours in while I was pregnant.  Unfortunately I was not able to get all the required hours done by the time my daughter was born but Hilary and I kept in touch because it was important to me to finish what I started. With Hilary’s support, and although it took me over two years, I was able to finish the program. Hilary was so helpful and flexible with me as I tried to make time to come in to teach and practice.  She understood the juggling I was doing between working full time and being a new mom but she encouraged me to stay focused and to keep making time for Pilates.  The amount of hours can be daunting and overwhelming at first but the fact that you are surrounded by supportive teachers and other trainees that are in the same boat is extremely comforting. Finally, after two years, I am proud to say that I am a WAP-TT

Koren Hollamby- Spring/Summer 2012
“Pilates has become a way of life for me, and so I decided to take it one step further and become a Pilates instructor. After searching and deliberating about which Pilates course to take I talked to Hilary at WAP. The course offered by WAP is a comprehensive Pilates teacher training course covering all aspects needed to be the best Pilates instructor you can be. This was the course I was looking for, but found hard to find. I especially enjoyed the small class size, flexibility for practice and teaching, and Hilary's availability for information and assistance. The WAP staff are very supportive of trainees, and the studio atmosphere is wonderful. Under Hilary's knowledgeable guidance I worked through the course with growing confidence and passed the practical test knowing that I was well underway with a great base for a lifetime of Pilates learning. “

Robin Cribbs- Fall/Winter 2012
Hilary and her instructors are the best! I definitely felt great quality in the training that I continue to receive. I have completed the course feeling confident and capable, and I am very much enjoying helping people - and seeing changes in their body! Thank you so much WAP!

Sheri Winkelman- Summer/Fall 2011
WAPilates Teacher Training Program through the Pilates Method Alliance certification program covers the Pilates program as a whole. It breaks down into the work of the technique of each exercise and the purpose. You will learn how to progress a client through the Pilates program with regards to that particular body. Hilary gives you the tools to be able to train a wide variety of bodies, as you will find everyone that comes to Pilates is different. The Pilates teacher-training program is designed with that in mind. I chose this program because Hilary really cares about creating intuitive, confident, thinking instructors.

Alicia Gordy- Summer Fall 2012
My first encounter with WAPilates was as a client six months after the birth of my youngest child. I had an amazing instructor who knowledgeably guided my body through the healing movement needed to nurture and heal my body after giving birth to a very large baby. The studio quickly became my "happy place" and my postpartum refuge. It was there that I began my love affair with Pilates...and with Washington Avenue Pilates. Three years later I reunited with Hilary Opheim and WAP again, this time as a student. I wanted to share the gift of Pilates, that was so generously given to me, with others.
With having a family my schedule seems to always be busy and things always seem to "pop up" out of the blue. Thankfully though, Hilary customized a timeline specific to my needs and never made me feel rushed or behind the curve. Just like with the Pilates movement, I was always right where I needed to be in the learning process. I cherished the one on one instruction and attention given by Hilary throughout my course. And when it came time for me to practice in the studio I continued to receive the same attention, instruction, vast knowledge, and nurturing care that is unique to WAP through Hilary and the amazing instructors that reside there.
Upon completion of the WAPilates Teacher Training Program I feel ready and equipped to share my love of Pilates with others in the same manor it was shared with me. It is a movement system that I wholeheartedly believe in.The same individual attention to individual bodies and levels of learning that WAPilates provides, I now too embody and am ready and eager to share with others....

Meaghan Hampton- Winter/Spring 2013                                                                                        I started the WAP Teacher Training Program briefly after my husband and I moved to the Houston area. I knew I wanted to teach Pilates because I had so enjoyed practicing it on my own and I wanted to share that with others. I wanted to encourage others, build them up, and help them be their best selves. The Teacher Training Program has truly equipped me to do just that. Hilary and the other instructors have been so kind and helpful in my journey, from always being willing to answer my questions to my personal observation of their practice of Pilates. The WAPTT has allowed me to grow as a student, instructor, and as a person; truly learning and experiencing total health in regards to the body, mind, and spirit. I am so thankful for my experience through the training program, all I have learned, and the friendships that have been made along the way! I would highly recommend the program to anyone!


Mary Futcher- Winter 2014                                                                                                              Hilary is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only is she knowledgeable, well- organized, and friendly, but she truly cares about her students and their progress. She is always there to answer questions, always there to teach you new things, and always there to help you grow as an instructor. She is an excellent example of what it means to be a Pilates instructor, and I could not have learned from anyone better. Over the course of our 10 weeks, she has become more than just a teacher, but a friend. And that’s how she is with everyone!
I also had the privilege of learning in Hilary’s beautiful studio space, WAPilates, as well as observing all the wonderful instructors who work there. The space inspires you to learn and practice all you can. And the instructors are so welcoming, and are always willing to give you their time if you need help.
Studying under Hilary at WAPilates was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could not be happier with my choice! Thank you so much Hilary and all the WAP Instructors! I am sincerely grateful!

Tory Fuentes- Winter 2014
I can't say thank you enough for all of the extra time and feedback that Hilary gave us ( especially me) during our course. I really appreciate it!!! The course was such an amazing experience! Hilary truly is an amazing teacher and an all around fabulous person. I just love to be around her!! I have always loved my time at WAP; Now I know it is because she has worked so hard to create an environment that is happy, positive and challenging for the mind and body. Hilary, as both a student and client, thank you, thank you for all that you have done. You will never really know how much it has changed my life!

Emily Hall- Fall 2014                                                                                                                              I recently completed the Teacher Training Program with Hilary at WAPilates and was extremely impressed with all aspects of the curriculum. Hilary is a fantastic instructor and mentor. The weekend sessions were very informative and well planned. I looked forward to each session every week. Hilary, and the rest of the instructors at the studio, were so helpful and always available to answer any questions I had. I now have a much greater understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates and would recommend this program to anyone!                                                                                                                            

Astrid Celis- Winter 2016

I recently completed the Teacher Training program at Washington Avenue Pilates and I highly recommend it! I learned so much about Pilates, my own body and how to create a program for everyone. Hilary is an incredible teacher and mentor and she is always happy and excited to share her knowledge, which made it a great learning environment. After each session, I was even more motivated about Pilates and sharing this incredible world with others.

The studio is absolutely gorgeous, the atmosphere is positive and peaceful and the team is very welcoming and open to answer any questions.

I am beyond excited to be a part of the amazing WAP family!


Brooke Beckman- Spring 2016

I began as a client at WAPilates when I moved to Houston, and about a year and a half later joined the teaching program to become an instructor. The studio's size and knowledge base sets it apart from many studios in Houston and elsewhere. Through the training program I received extensive knowledge, personalized attention, and time to use the studio to practice, observe, and learn how to teach. Each instructor is incredibly supportive and knows how to provide unique, individual, and remarkable sessions for their clients.