4 Important Key Things That Make You A Great Pilates Teacher

There are 4 important key things that make a great Pilates teacher but most teachers don’t even know if they have these key traits or not. For many Pilates Teachers that enter the teaching world after going through a 450 hour or more Teacher Training Program and get Certified these are things they may not even be aware of yet. It is something we believe is truly vital to have a long career in Pilates.

When WAPilates first opened in 2005, Director and Owner Hilary Opheim was finding it hard to find teachers. She created the WAPilates Teacher Training Program and the Bridging Program with these key things in mind so those students would leave her Program’s with the confidence, ability and tools to have that vital and long Pilates career. It is not just important to learn the choreography and the work of Mr. Pilates but, to have a long, flourishing and passionate career as a teacher, here are some key factors that are important for the teacher to learn and keep.


  1. Showing your passion for the work of Mr. Pilates- Having and keeping that passion for a long career is something that teachers are continually working at as the years go on. A really great teacher is one that keeps that passion bubbling so much that every time that client comes in for the session it is palpable to them and they get caught up in that feeling.

  2. Turning off “automatic Pilot” - Many teachers can lose #1 and every day as they teach clients in the studio it is the same verbiage, same cues, same workout for each client day in and day out. It is as if they are a flight attendant giving that speech at the beginning of the flight for the millionth time. The client will soon tune out and become just like that teacher and just do what they are told, not thinking and will soon wander away to find something more interesting for them.

  3. Why this exercise for this client? Knowing why you are choosing certain exercises for the client in those teaching moments will help the client understand what they are doing and why you are guiding them in the way you are. Clients then understand they are continuing to learn, practice and be challenged. They then see the connection of the work to the outside life they lead. This keeps your client coming for years and years and keeps you engaged and excited for every session.

  4. Continuing to grow as a teacher- This falls into the #2 as to keep off that “flight attendant route”. Great teachers want to continue to dig deep and explore the work of Mr. Pilates. Taking from other teachers, workshops, getting your own practice in. All this helps you grow in your knowledge and outlook.

It is important to keep moving forward as a teacher. Feeling as if some of these key factors are missing can make your teaching feel like a struggle, wear your out, create a routine that you can’t seem to get out of or make you dread your day.

Let’s get these key’s in the back of your Pilates pants! Take a Bridging Program and set your Teaching firmly on the road you are dreaming of!

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