5 Tips To Find The Pilates Teacher Training Program That Is Right For You.

The important decision has been made! You want to be a Pilates teacher. You love Pilates and want to share that love and passion by teaching others. Now what? This is where the real work begins, the hard decision of where do you go to learn? What do you need to do to take that next step? We have some tips you can use that will guide you to the right program for you. This is your time to do your homework and research on the program that is a great fit for you. Let’s get some of the groundwork done for you.

Pilates has grown a lot in the years since we started our Teacher Training Program at WAPilates. Back then Teacher Training Programs were all Fully Comprehensive and many potential students had to travel to study as they had no options close by. Multiple levels or module programs did not exist and just learning Reformer or Mat was not an option. Now, there are so many options for you as a student it can be confusing, frustrating and very overwhelming. We see it a lot when students come in to chat to learn about our program as they are trying to figure out what will work for them. So, we give these tips to them and because you are on this same journey we want to share this checklist with you on your search.

These tips come from our Director of WAPilates Teacher Training Hilary Opheim. She has over 25 years experience teaching Pilates in all settings from gyms to all sizes of Pilates studios as well as private clubs and clients homes. She created the Teacher Training at WAPilates and it is now a PSAP Approved School. Her tips will help clear a path a bit for your journey of becoming a Pilates teacher.

1. Do you want full Comprehensive or do you want to pick and choose?

You can go the route of “a la carte” Teacher Training with a weekend mat or Reformer training. Starting with Mat then later taking other levels or modules at different times. Taking the full Comprehensive learning all the apparatus and all the exercises in one course. Each of these choices has different hours required, some have online and some are all in the studio.

2. How much time do you have to focus on your Teacher Training?

Do you work full time or do you have some freedom in your schedule? You have so many choices in terms of modules and picking and choosing when and what as you go along or the full Comprehensive.

3. What is it you want to do with your Pilates training?

Do you want to teach group classes? Only Reformer or Mat? Are you wanting to know the full body of Joseph Pilates work and learn all the repertoire on all the apparatus?

4. Will the training program give you all the hands-on training and knowledge to teach in the type of studio you want to make the salary you desire?

If you are looking to teach anywhere then will this program give you the confidence in the work, to teach clients safety and allow you to teach in any environment?

3. Do I want to be a fully Certified Pilates teacher?

As a PSAP Approved school we believe it is important to be a fully Certified PMA teacher. There is many places in the world that it is not required to be Certified to teach Pilates and with just a weekend of learning you are on the

schedule and teaching. No hours for you to do or exams to take and some do choose that route. We have seen many go this way to later realize they have no where to really go and can’t move to other studios that require Certification. That path they soon see is short and it didn’t set them up to make more income or be marketable to studios and clients. To clients this Certifications says this teacher will keep me safe and not getting hurt.

For you, in the long run and being serious about teaching then you want to be fully Certified. You want a Teacher Training Program that is a least 450 hours on all the apparatus and if possible even the smaller apparatus like Pedi Pull and foot corrector to name a few. Yes, it is a commitment of time and money but you are learning more than just choreography and exercises. Understanding all the issues that clients can come to you with such as a hip replacement or disc issue. You will have all that information and be truly confident that you can help that client, keep them safe and get them stronger, more mobile and keep them healthy.

In WAPilates Teacher Training Program, it is very important that all our students have the time, support and information to truly understand the details and the full scope of Mr. Pilates work and the clients they will be teaching. Thing about the long term goal for you and your teaching. We want you to have that knowledge to know everything possible for that long career and to work in any Pilates environment you choose to.

4. So many different prices how do you figure out what to pay?

If you are going the full Comprehensive Program there are still some things you need to decide. Is it levels or modules? Does it include all the materials, exams or are there any extra charges such as required lessons or privates?

What is the total cost of all the levels and modules to get your full Comprehensive? These are things you want to get figured out before you start.

If it is a full Comprehensive and all one package look again if all materials are included, exams, any added cost on top of your initial tuition.

For many, the price seems a lot. We say it is going to college, Pilates college and that is really how you should look at it. You are learning anatomy, teaching skills, program design, precautions and contraindications on top of all the work of Joseph Pilates. For the long term teaching career it is important and something you don’t want to regret later so set yourself off on the right foot with the right training.

5. How much personal attention will you get?

What does the program offer in terms of your learning style and the time and amount of personal attention you want or need. Is it a large class? online? any one-on-one time with the Teacher Trainer?

We believe if Pilates is your passion and something you see yourself doing then it is an effort that you will not regret in taking the time and doing the work. It is such a journey of not only the knowledge of the work but feeling it in your body and understanding it and how to get others to understand what you are asking them for their own bodies and movement. To put it simply there really is no quick way to truly learn how to teach Pilates, so keep that in your mind as you decide what path to take for your Teacher Training. It may seem long, overwhelming and a lot of work but, if you want to continue your Pilates journey for years and years where you start is very important.

If you are thinking about Pilates Teacher Training let’s schedule a consultation and see the right fit for you.

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