WAP Grads Programs

WAPilates Pilates School Graduates are part of our family

WAPilates Pilates School Graduates are part of our family


WAPilates Grads 2019 Programs

Continuing the Pilates journey and WAP community for our Grads and Mentorship Program Teachers. Each month a focused group discussion, workshop, and the opportunities to get deeper into teaching skills and the work of Joseph Pilates and more.

Open to all current Teacher Training students as they are going through the program as well. Each weekend is 2 hours and includes the meet, handouts and homework.

For our WAP Grads that can’t make it into studio or live outside Houston you can still participate! All workshops will be online and you will be given full access to the 2 hour Group Meet, all homework and projects as well as handouts. Link will be given to you after Workshop.


Yearly- Attend all 12 group meets- $300

6 Months- Pick 6 out of the year to attend- $175

A La Carte- Pick when you want, the month you want! $100

2019 Schedule: Meets on Sunday’s 9-11am

Sunday January 20th-Tactile Touch/Teaching Skills- Going over exercises with full studio and seeing how to use your touch to get client to understand and connect. To correct without inhibiting movement, to get them to understand the exercise or movement.

Sunday Feb 10th- Key Concepts- What does it take to get your client to a certain movement? Something as simple as understanding Elephant to having the tools/connections in their body to do inversions?

Sunday March 24th- Simple Teaching makes Client work harder- Does your client ask Where should I be feeling this? what is this for?

Sunday April 28th- Common challenges with clients from listening, jumping ahead, chatting, cancelling, paying on time. How do you take control ?

Sunday May 26th- Teaching moments-Let’s discuss your most difficult moments in teaching clients. Bringing the issues to the group of your clients such as disc issues, shoulder, osteoarthritis etc.

Sunday June 9th- Building that session-Ever wonder how to successfully build your session for your client after your Assessment or to get to that final “challenging” movement for the end of session?

Sunday July 21st- Look at the Work- Digging deep into the details and movement of exercises.

Sunday August 25th- Final Retreat Weekend

Sunday September 22nd- Common Problems in Teaching Certain exercises- Do you have a struggle with certain Pilates movements and getting your client to understand what you are wanting them to do, feel and connect with?

Sunday October 13th- What is missing for you in your Teaching? As a group getting guidance and help in your Teaching whatever that challenge seems to be.

Sunday November 3rd- How is the work all related? Digging deeper into connections throughout the work. How can one make the other happen?

Sunday December 8th- Question and Answer Yearly Discussion- Full open discussion on things that can range from teaching, scheduling, clients, mentoring, workshops, how to, burnout etc.

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2019 WAP Grad Program

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