Hilary is a Graduate of the Heritage Training Program

Hilary Opheim- Owner/Director                      PMI-CPT/PMA-CPT              

Hilary trained with John Gossett here in Houston. She opened up WAP in January of 2005 and has continued her journey of learning and practicing Pilates as a teacher and as a student. She is the founder and director of the WAPilates Teacher Training School and enjoys sharing the passion of teaching with those that want to become teachers.  She has studied with John Gossett, Jennifer Kries, Lolita San Miguel, as well as Blossom Crawford. She also studied with Benjamin Degenhardt and his intensive 360 Pilates Program as well as with Cara Reeser and the Heritage Training Program. She loves reconnecting, learning and sharing with Pilates community at the PMA Convention every year. She enjoys the continuing journey of the Traditional Method and the work that Joseph Pilates created.

2019 Heritage Training Graduate, a Pilates Post Graduate Program on the work of Kathy Grant for Pilates professionals, with the world-renowned Pilates teacher Cara Reeser. The program is the philosophy, vocabulary, techniques and teaching tools passed along to Cara from Kathy Grant, a student of Joseph Pilates.

 2017  one of the Top Ten Finalist for the Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Competition

 2018 Pilates Method Alliance Conference Presenter

"I enjoy continuing to learn and grow as a teacher and a student. Pilates is such a journey and I have enjoyed every moment of it"

Hilary is the Director of the WAPilates Teacher Training Program and Bridging/Mentorship Program


Astrid Celis- WAPTT/PMACPT                                                                            

Astrid experienced Pilates as a student for more than 3 years and after she discovered how the Pilates method gave her confidence and a better understanding of her body, she decided to pursue her passion for Pilates and become a Pilates Instructor to help others achieve the same. Astrid went through the WAP Teacher Training Program while working full time and stayed on at WAP teaching part time. She has studied with Hilary Opheim. Astrid has a Bachelors Degree in Production Engineering which has given her a better understanding on the mechanics of the human body and how that translates to the Pilates method. After a few years of teaching part time she realized that when she was at WAP and teaching her clients she was happiest and so she left the world of Engineering and is teaching full time. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.




Emily Delgado- WAP-TT/PMA-CPT


Emily moved here from Southern California and had been doing Pilates for a long time. She found it helped her so much she wanted to teach others and when she moved to Houston came to WAP and the Teacher Training Program to study with Hilary Opheim.

Emily's clients love her clear, concise teaching style.


Kirsten Ochsner- WAP-TT/PMA-CPT


Kirsten was introduced to Pilates in 2010 after a sports injury. She now strives to help others return to health and improve their daily lives through Pilates. Her goal is to have clients leave the studio feeling happy, balanced and strong.  

Kirsten has studied with Heather Erdmann, Jamie White and Hilary Opheim.


Christina Scuseria- Assistant Director-WAP-TT


Christina fell in love with Pilates as an active person always moving. She held a full time corporate job as she studied with Hilary Opheim and soon saw her passion for teaching was more than her corporate job. Christina’s positive energy and love of Pilates is one reason her clients and classes love her.

Christina’s father was born and raised in Mexico City and her mother was born and raised in Acapulco. Spanish was her first language and then her family moved to San Diego, California when she was 3 years old then to Houston when she was 7. She speaks Spanish at home with her husband who is from Argentina and so that their children grow up being bilingual as well

Christina is fluent in both English and Spanish.

She also is a part of the WAP Teacher Training Program and Assistant Director to Hilary Opheim.  


Valeria Gonzalez- WAP-TT

Valeria was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has always had a passion for movement. Pilates runs in her family- even her grandparents consider Pilates sessions essential to their normal routine. She loves to swim, and danced flamenco for over 10 years until she started college at the University of St. Thomas in Houston.

It was during her freshman year that she started to explore other activities and forms of movement and began to visit various Houston studios and fell in love with Pilates. She is a graduate of the WAP Teacher Taining with Hilary Opheim. She loves to help others feel energized, healthy and active. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Myesha Washington - WAP-TT

Kelly Crone- WAP-TT

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