WAPilates opened in January 2005 with a vision by Owner/Director Hilary Opheim to have a space that was supportive, positive and to create an environment that gave each person coming into the studio a feeling of leaving the outside world and focusing on the moments for themselves in their Pilates practice.


Our Mission

To create a happy, supportive, safe environment for our clients and Teachers to achieve the best Pilates experience possible. 

I want our clients to feel better when they leave, than when they walked through our doors. To feel as if they achieved more than they imagined they could”
— Hilary Opheim, Owner/Director of WAPilates

Some words from our clients

  • " I can think more clearly after a Pilates session and I always leave with a smile on my face!" Emily

  • "I plan on staying as long as I can at WAP practicing my moves under the studio's sparkling chandeliers." Susan

  • "Pilates. The most intelligent form of exercise! The results are remarkable" Jennifer

  • "After just a few months my back pain was gone and my core was stronger. I thought I was a fit guy with my time in the gym, I found I needed Pilates" Matt

  • "I have gained more flexibility in my shoulders after years in front of a computer and my posture and flexibility has improved" Katie

  • "WAP and Pilates has changed my body from the inside out. It has also helped manage my stress level and made me feel better about myself" Carmen

To book your appointment call 281-352-5791 or email info@wapilates.com